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Judge CLYDE Raymond Leuchtag is an experienced litigation attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of cases as the former Judge in County Civil Court at Law #1 from June 2015 through December of 2016, was the highest rated County Civil Court Judge at the time, and was the 2016 and 2018 Republican nominee for that court.

Judge CLYDE has been a licensed attorney 29 years -- with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and a PROVEN REPUTATION for being an effective civil court judge.

Judge Clyde’s 2016 Endorsements include both former Harris County Attorneys, both of the former judges in Court #1 who are allowed to endorse, and a former justice of the Texas Supreme Court.


* has handled hundreds of cases as the former Judge in County Civil Court at Law #1 from June 2015 through December of 2016, and has had zero reversals on appeal and only 1 modification.

* from 2012-2015, has had judicial experience as a part-time civil hearings adjudicator in Municipal Court, and has had more than 80 hours of judicial education and training


* has handled more than 100 litigation cases in the Harris County Civil Courts at Law

* 13 years of legally complex litigation experience in significant cases, including US Constitutional Law cases in Federal Court

* graduated in the top 5% of his class at South Texas College of Law in 1990, was a member of law review, and passed the July bar exam in 1990 after graduating in May

* is able to make correct legal rulings on multi-million dollar land condemnation cases with complicated legal issues


* has had appellate law experience with PUBLISHED Opinions


* has had over 12 years of mediation and legal counseling (problem solving) experience -- and as a judge, helped litigants resolve their disputes by agreement before trial

* earned the confidence of Harris County Commissioners Court and was a "go-to" attorney on difficult questions of law at the County Attorney's Office.


* led a team of 5 in County Civil Court #1 and made significant positive improvements to court procedures using fiscally conservative principles

* earned the reputation for fairness and treating all people with respect and courtesy before and after becoming the Judge in County Civil Court at Law #1, demonstrating fairness and compassion while following the law

* has supervised other civil litigators and currently prosecutes civil litigation cases for the County Attorney's Office

Clyde Raymond Leuchtag Campaign, Michael P. Fleming Treasurer
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