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Judge Clyde was the former judge of Harris County Court at Law #1 from June 2015 to December 2016.

Judge Clyde, who is a biracial African American, was raised in a very diverse environment -- ethnically, politically, geographically, and theologically. He was born in California, went to an Episcopal Church elementary school in Indianapolis Indiana, and graduated from high school in New York. He was raised by ethnically Jewish parents, who were active members of the Communist Party in the 60’s, and actively campaigned in 2016 for Bernie Sanders in Kerrville, Texas!  Judge Clyde shares his mother’s biology and his father’s German last name -- but he clearly doesn't share their political views.


“I love my parents regardless of our profound disagreements on critical issues of theology, politics, and psychology, and I am especially grateful for many important lessons my parents taught me.  My parents taught me to be an independent thinker (to not merely follow the crowd), to discern issues, and to stand up for what I think is right – even if it goes against the majority view (Amos 5:10-11; Proverbs 31:8-9). My parents taught me the importance of humility and respect for people from all walks of life (Proverbs 11:2; Proverbs 28:6; Leviticus 19:15). My Father wonderfully modeled compassion, servant leadership, and sacrificial love in his role as husband and father (Mark 10:42-45). Most importantly, my parents encouraged me to come to my own conclusions about God (which included having a yearly family Passover Seder, celebrating Hanukkah, and sending me to an episcopal church elementary school), instead of insisting that I adopt their atheist worldview.”


Judge Clyde believes his diverse background (including adopting 2 bilingual children) gives him a unique perspective, which has helped him earn a reputation at the County for getting different groups to work together to achieve their common goals.

“While strong in his beliefs, Judge Leuchtag has a reputation at the County for being fair and respectful to everyone and getting people who normally disagree to come together on things they have in common.” Michael Kubosh, Houston City Council Member At-Large Position 3.

"From my days as an original Advisory Board Member for Houstonians Futbol Club for Urban Youth Soccer, Inc. to my current role as Harris County Treasurer, I know Clyde Leuchtag to be an intelligent and principled conservative leader who has demonstrated his ability to get people working together." Orlando Sanchez, Former Harris County Treasurer

After graduating from Rice University, Clyde worked for a year and ½ managing Jack in the Box restaurants before enrolling in law school as an evening student.  As a single father, Clyde became a member of Law Review and a 1990 magna cum laude graduate of South Texas College of Law (graduating in the top 5% of his class). 

His legal career includes over 29 years of service with the Harris County Attorney’s Office, Baker Botts, and in the Legal Division of Shell Oil Company.  In addition, Judge Clyde does mediations for the Houston Police Department and was a former civil hearings officer for the City of Houston Municipal Courts.

Judge Clyde is committed to community involvement, serves on the board of Generation One in the Third Ward, has been a volunteer police officer since 1992, and has been active in public service his entire life.  One of Judge Clyde’s proudest volunteer accomplishments is founding Houstonians Futbol Club for Urban Youth Soccer, Inc., a non-profit corporation that he organized to support inner-city youth soccer.

Judge Clyde Leuchtag and his bride Cindy are active members of City of Refuge Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the Third Ward (where Clyde was baptized in 2013 and where they were married on January 3rd, 2015) and are both active members of Bible Study Fellowship.  Together, they have 8 adult children and 8 grandchildren.




Clyde Raymond Leuchtag Campaign, Michael P. Fleming Treasurer
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