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Judge Clyde was the judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law #1 from June 2015 to December 2016 -- until every Republican county-wide office holder up for election was swept out of office in Harris County. Judge Clyde was also the Republican nominee in 2018 for that same court.

Please help elect Judge CLYDE to Harris County Civil Court at Law #4 by contributing of any amount online or mail a check payable to: Clyde Leuchtag Campaign

Mailing Address:

Clyde Leuchtag Campaign
PO Box 560
Houston TX 77001-0560

Please call or txt (832) 377-6330 with questions







In order to avoid even the appearance of bias (and the expectation of favored treatment), Judge Clyde will not accept more than $250 from any litigating attorney or Law firm that may have a future case in the Court. This policy should ensure that all contributors are supporting Judge Clyde because they support judicial excellence and not because they expect favoritism in the Courtroom.

* To avoid even the appearance of favoritism, no more than $250 will be accepted from any litigation attorney or law firm who could have a future case in the Court.

* Note: For accounting purposes, please include your name, occupation and employer on the check. State law requires candidates to use best efforts to collect and report the full name and address, principal occupation or job title, and full name of employer of individuals whose contributions equal or exceed $500 in a reporting period.

** The $5,000.00 per person per election contribution limit and the $30,000.00 aggregate limit on contributions from members of a law firm include contributions by spouses and minor children.  

*** We are unable to accept corporate checks, but partnership and professional corporation checks are allowable under the law.  Political contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  Under the Judicial Campaign Finance Law, any lawyer or employee of a law firm is considered to be a “member” of that firm.

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Clyde Raymond Leuchtag Campaign, Michael P. Fleming Treasurer
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